Sunday, February 3, 2013

Off Season Golf Stretches

 Top to Bottom in Ten Minutes

Now is the time to think about getting ready for the upcoming spring golf season. It’s easy to get started with a program that targets some important golf swing parts and takes less than 10 minutes. Remember to address both sides and breath into each stretch for 10 seconds. All stretches should be performed relative to the players' flexibility, never beyond the point of discomfort.
Just a few series per week will enhance your game and help prevent injury when you get the call to the first tee this spring!! 
Stretch back of wrist
Stretch forearm

Arm at 90 deg., pull across chest
Hand between shoulders, pull elbow


Lower back flat, lower slowly

Right over left, then left over right
Align knee over ankle, stretch hip flexor
Straighten heel to ground for calf stretch

Leaning forward into hamstring stretch